Friday, December 21, 2007

Special United Creators Award

This is a nice feather for the cap. It was an international competition and for me a real honor

United Creators Announces the Winning Artists of Its Second Online Contest 2007

Special United Creators award for an outstanding talent chosen by United Creators. Cash award Winner: Patrick Hiatt

United Creators, an exclusive and ground-breaking fine arts organization dedicated to advancing emerging and exceptional global artistic talent, is proud to announce the winning artists of its second online arts competition to discover, recognize and honor excellence in the global visual arts.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dancing Satyrs

Dancing Satyrs

Oil on wood panel, 11 inches X 14 inches, 2007

Satyrs were forest creatures descended from an ancient race of people, “the hairy ones,” who lived in southern Europe. They are usually depicted with human bodies; pug nosed faces, horns, and the lower body of a goat with a tail. Playful, carefree and mischievous they are one of the more delightful mythological characters. Satyrs were very comfortable around humans. To have one visit a home and partake of a meal was a great honor which brought a family good luck.

The most notable Satyr was Pan an ancient Greek God, musician and protector of small children and animals. Shakespeare’s “Puck” in “Midsummer’s Night Dream” was a Satyr.

It is my belief that stories about Satyrs might be remnants of ancient histories of a time when Neanderthals and Modern Humans cohabited territories in what are now southern France and northern Spain.

Drawing and Painting Mythology

Western culture is deeply rooted in Greek and Roman mythology and by revisiting the ancient stories, sometimes light heartedly; this artist hopes to rekindle interest in them. Today’s imagery and arts are almost void of the dynamic and allegorical characters that have influenced so much of our music, language and the sciences.